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August 22, 2020 - Are you READY for my new series?

I FINALLY finished up the first book in my Love, Sex & Ink series. I have been teasing readers with the cover image for the first book in the series for years and I finally buckled down and got it done! I am really proud of the first book which is a tease for what's to come. (I'm just getting started!)  Of course, the series is going to be filled with romance, grit and steamy erotica but, there will also be heavy social commentary as I deal with issues that I believe need to be addressed. Those of you who are familiar with my books know how I get down. There is ALWAYS more than meets the eye in my work. 


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Check the exclusives section for the samples!

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"Once the ink dries, every fly thing I've ever

said to you secretly in the pages of my books will last until the time when the world ends. That is my tribute to YOU." - Keith Kareem Williams


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